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HOWTO: detail descriptions of certain aspects of the LEOX project

HOWTOs are documents which describe in details certain aspects of the LEOX project.
HOWTOs are comprehensive documentations - much like an FAQ but generally not in question-and-answer format.
However, many HOWTOs contain a FAQ section at the end.

We tried to make these documentations educative and pleasant.
It intends to offer pertinent informations about various topics useful for the LEOX project.
Please do not hesitate to send feedback to The LEOX team.

This is a list of the currently available HOWTOs:

    This document describes how you can compile and install the complete uClinux cross development environment from all required source packages. The procedures described build the cross compiler, the cross debugger and its associated GUI, and the most important packages.
    These instructions are intended for developers who wish to build kernels and/or application on UNIX platform targeted for a uClinux/SPARC platform.
    This document explains the work involved in porting Linux to a specific embedded system and how it was targeted to the LEON processor.
    Because the LEON processor (an open source VHDL implementation of a SPARC V8 core) has no Memory Management Unit (MMU), the MMUless version of Linux called uClinux is ported to it. uClinux porting environment is part of this document..
    This document describes how you can port uClinux to a LEON-like processor. This uClinux port to an hypothetical custom CPU board stands as an example and needs to be adapted to the requirements of your CPU board.
    uClinux is a version of Linux designed to run on microprocessors without Memory Management Unit (MMU).

Note: Except where otherwise specified, the content of the documents below are offered to the public under the GNU Free Documentation License.
              It may be redistributed or republished only under the terms of that license.

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