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LEOX Documentation Project

This Documentation page try to provide good, reliable documentation for the LEOX project. The documents below intends to help everyone who want to contribute to the LEOX project, who want to get technical support or who simply want to learn how the LEOX resources are developped and used.

We tried to make these documentations educative and pleasant.
It intends to offer pertinent informations about various topics useful for the LEOX project.
Please do not hesitate to send feedback to The LEOX team.

This Documentation page provides several types of document:

  • FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers)

    Usually FAQs provide some general questions and answers but can also cover a wide range of different topics.
  • HOWTO : detail descriptions of certain aspects of the LEOX project

    HOWTOs are comprehensive documentations - much like an FAQ but generally not in question-and-answer format.
    However, many HOWTOs contain a FAQ section at the end.
  • mini-HOWTO : brief descriptions on how to cope with pieces of software from the LEOX project

    mini-HOWTOs are brief documentations which describe procedures on how to install, run, and operate
    on pieces of software from the LEOX project.

Note: Except where otherwise specified, the content of the documents below are offered to the public under the GNU Free Documentation License.
              It may be redistributed or republished only under the terms of that license.

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