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LEOX stands for the LEON toolbOX!

The goal of the LEOX project is to have a complete, free, open source, set of hardware and software components usable to build an embedded computer with its operating system that can be incorporated easily into a FPGA or into an ASIC...

This embedded computer should be small and easily synthesisable on any technology.

In 1999, Jiri Gaisler of the European Space Agency has released the first version of LEON, an open source VHDL implementation of a SPARC V8 core... The core, now in its second version, comes with a software environment based around the GNU tools, an AMBA based bus system architecture, many synthesis scripts and a set of peripherals making it an ideal basis for an open source complete embedded computer system.

In 1998, Kenneth Albanowski and Donald Jeff Dionne released uClinux, a port of Linux that runs on processors lacking a MMU (Memory Management Unit). Because LEON has no such MMU, uClinux is the natural starting point of our quest for a Linux port for LEON...

Want to help

The LEOX project is very ambitious! We are developping in the following areas:

  • Tools for software (compiler, debugger, utilities, etc).
  • Tools for hardware (programmable IP cores, etc).
  • The uClinux port.
  • LEON coprocessors development (FPU).
  • LEON peripherals development (Ethernet controller, etc).
Check our hardware and software resources.

If you would like to contribute to the LEOX project, first check out the development mailing list, then announce yourself, but mostly feel free to grab something and start working on it.

Happy Hacking!

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us, you can send an email to The LEOX team.

Or use the following form:

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