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The goal of the LEOX project is to have a complete, free, open source, set of hardware and software components usable to build an embedded computer with its operating system that can be incorporated easily into a FPGA or into an ASIC. This embedded computer should be small and easily synthesisable on any technology.
To achieve one's aim, the LEOX project needs to get hardware and software resources well integrated into a suitable cross development environment.

Therefore the LEOX project will be jointed around the following categories of resources:

    These tools aid in the development of hardware and software IP blocks in one way or another. You can find:
    1. The LEOX Cross Development Kit that will help you install an Open Source compiler/debugger and related technologies.
    2. The DRAGONFLY micro core that will make design of new IP blocks easier, and will try to standardize IP's I/O interfaces.
      The idea behind is to ensure the "IP reuse" notion and the "Plug and Play" aspect of IPs.
  • Hardware IP : Collection of synthesisable hardware IP blocks.

    The LEOX project aims to develop around the LEON core (an open source VHDL implementation of a SPARC V8 core) several peripheral IP blocks. However, from the time being, the following hardware IP blocks are available:
    1. The LEON core an open source VHDL implementation of a full SPARC V8 standard core developed by Jiri Gaisler.
    2. The AMBA Bus System fully implemented to the LEON core by Jiri Gaisler.
      The LEON model provides two on-chip AMBA buses: the AMBA Advanced High-speed Bus (AHB) used for high-speed data transfer, and the AMBA Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB) used to access low-speed peripherals.
  • Software IP : Collection of embeddable software IP blocks

    The LEOX project intends to provide software resources for all hardware IP blocks listed above. A Typical Software Development Cycle view presents the various and complementary fields covered by this project. Its associated software developments act in the following areas:
    1. The uClinux port is the port of Linux on the LEON core and the various peripheral IP blocks added by the LEOX project.
      uClinux is a version of Linux designed to run on microprocessors without Memory Management Unit (MMU).
    2. The RTEMS port is the port of the Real Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems (RTEMS) on the LEON core done by Jiri Gaisler.

Typical Software Development Cycle

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